Inspections and Audits

Developing a cost effective approach

Some organizations equate quality with the level of inspection. The greater the number of inspections, checks, audits or evaluations, the greater the level of quality that is assumed to be in the final product or service.

Unfortunately for these organizations, just the opposite is true. Quality assurance is only required when processes are incapable of delivering to an acceptable standard.

If this wasn’t bad enough, inspections and audits come with a high price tag. Beyond the direct inspections costs, are the declines in product quality, throughput and staff morale.

What this means is that management needs clear, economically rational rules for deciding when to inspect and when not to. This is exactly what our latest White Paper provides as well as some hints as to how to transition to a rational inspection system. Click here to Download Inspections and Audits: Developing a Cost Effective Approach

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