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Converge recently presented to the CIPECC members (Continuous Improvement Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry in Calgary) on Culture clash between Hierarchical Command & Control and Systems Thinking & Leadership. People, including those leading organizations, have a hard wired tendency to think fast, yielding hierarchical  enumerative thinking. This limits understanding to descriptions of surface conditions. Continuous Improvement practitioners are in

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Converge goes to New York

Converge Consulting Group Inc, partner Robert Gerst was invited to the Fordham University in New York to present his paper on The Decline of Health Services of Alberta to the Deming Institutes 18th Annual International Deming Research Seminar. The paper details how the command & control management model and its faulty economic assumptions have diminished access to

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Curing health care

Our health care issues won’t be solved by yesterdays thinking CALGARY, AB, Feb. 15, 2012/ Troy Media/ – With all the talk of healthcare recently, people can be forgiven for thinking something is being done to address issues plaguing the system. There is some good news. The Federal governments’ new laissez-faire approach to funding, and

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Expert calls out Alberta Health

Alberta may be trumpeting the efficiency of our centralized health-care superboard but a keynote speaker plans to tell a national conference this month that Alberta’s experiment has been disastrous. The bigger-is-better, command-and-control model has failed in Alberta and other provinces shouldn’t replicate it, warns management consultant Robert Gerst. “Alberta is an ideal case study of

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Decline of Health Services in Alberta Paper a Keynote Presentation at Healthcare Efficiency Conference

The Decline of Health Services in Alberta, The Triumph of Professional over Real Management is gaining considerable attention. John Seddon highlighted the paper in Vanguard Consulting Group’s newsletter providing both a link and a recommendation. Downloads from Europe nearly crashed our server. The paper will form the basis of a keynote presentation by Robert Gerst

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U. S. Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects ‘Statistical Significance’

Demonstrating both common sense and scientific reasoning, on March 22, the United States Supreme Court unanimously rejected arguments that materiality can be defined using statistical significance. This is a lesson that any organization conducting employee, customer and operational research should learn and one made repeatadly by Converge Consulting Group . . . Statistical significance is not a

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Health Quality Council of Alberta Report is Junk Science

Originally Published at the Quality Council of Alberta The Health Quality Council of Alberta report: The Urban and Regional Emergency Department Patient Experience Report 2009, represents a significant step backward for the Quality movement in Alberta. This, because the methodology is so flawed, none of the facts or statistics offered can, or should, be taken

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Response to The Fraser Institute’s Report Card on Alberta Hospitals

On Thursday, June 18,  The Fraser Institute released the Hospital Report Card Alberta 2009. The purpose of the Report Card, according to the report’s authors is: to help patients choose the best hospital for their inpatient care by providing them with information on the performance of acute-care hospitals in Alberta. The Report Card is primarily concerned

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    Why products get better and service gets worse

    Posted on: 2012-07-25

    Service standards are really a means of avoiding accountability CALGARY, AB, Jul 17, 2012/Troy Media/ – Remember when getting a 100,000 miles of your car was considered a miracle of sorts? Those invited to bear witness performed the ritual of peering into the driver side window to confirm all those zeros on the odometer. The

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