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The Cult of Statistical Significance - Simplified

The Cult of Statistical Significance – Simplified

Converge Consulting Group clients have heard us talk about the misuse of statistical significance testing, specifically, using statistical significance as a test for practical importance or material significance. This is the reason why so much employee, customer and operational research gets the answers so wrong, so often, amounting to little more, and often less, than junk

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Converge Knowldege Base / Blog

Hello and welcome to our Knowldege Base / Blog.  We hope this is the start of something important. Converge has always had a reputation for excellence. A reputation evidenced in part by our publications in peer reviewed journals, conference appearances, published books and of course, in the work we do. An issue for us has

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    Why products get better and service gets worse

    Posted on: 2012-07-25

    Service standards are really a means of avoiding accountability CALGARY, AB, Jul 17, 2012/Troy Media/ – Remember when getting a 100,000 miles of your car was considered a miracle of sorts? Those invited to bear witness performed the ritual of peering into the driver side window to confirm all those zeros on the odometer. The

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