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Are You Satisfied?

How your voice is corrupted in citizen satisfaction surveys CALGARY, AB, Jun 18, 2012/ Troy Media/ Some years ago, the City of Calgary conducted a multi-million dollar effort to engage citizen’s in the development of a new transportation strategy. The Go Plan used consultations, focus groups, workshops and polls to engage citizens and gather feedback.

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Snake Oil and Science in Employee Research

Most organizations regularly survey their employees to better assess the state of the employer/employee relationship. The intent is to bring some science to bear on the problem of identifying areas of strength and weakness. By identifying what is important and what isn’t, management actions can be based on the best available evidence. This provides a foundation

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The Cult of Statistical Significance

If you see statistical significance or significance testing in your Employee , Customer or Operations Research  then in all likelihood you are doing it wrong. Equally important, conclusions drawn and decisions made on the basis of significance tests may very well be doing you more harm than good. This is the basic message of  The Cult of Statistical Significance: How

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Understanding Value using Dr. Kano's Model

Understanding Value using Dr. Kano’s Model

How do you define quality? That’s an important question for those engaged in quality improvement. Defining things can be difficult, doubly so when the definitions concern something as vague as quality. Yet define we must, especially if we want to measure current quality levels, or improvement to quality. After all, if you can’t define something,

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    Why products get better and service gets worse

    Posted on: 2012-07-25

    Service standards are really a means of avoiding accountability CALGARY, AB, Jul 17, 2012/Troy Media/ – Remember when getting a 100,000 miles of your car was considered a miracle of sorts? Those invited to bear witness performed the ritual of peering into the driver side window to confirm all those zeros on the odometer. The

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