Change Management

Converge has been a leader in the design and delivery of change management processes and in the area of building internal capability within organizations since its inception. We have custom designed and implemented robust and practical change processes that are based on systems thinking and that reflect how change really happens within organizations.

We employ a set of guiding principles around change:

Leaders are models of the change and what they do or say matters

Change often requires leaders to model the new attitudes and desired behaviors. People will continually look to you to determine what’s okay or not okay.  You have to be in the game.

Mindset is causative; what you believe is what will usually happen.

What you believe or think or assume influences your, and ultimately, the organization’s, approach to change.  You are what you think.

Change is a process not a GANTT chart.

Its design and facilitation must model the future state, mindset and culture. It is not simply an “event”, it is a learning process.

The future you want has to begin now.

Ensure a continual focus on the simultaneous and sometimes conflicting realities which exist in the internal and external environments of an organization. Simultaneous discovery, planning and implementation of change means decisions and actions are taken as if we were living our desired future NOW.

You have to involve your people to get engagement.

People must be involved in shaping and carrying out the process. You must strive to foster an environment where individuals come together with shared purpose and common directions as part of something larger than themselves.

Information catalyzes change so you have to communicate much more than you think.

Information… informs us and forms us. Communication is imperative. No change effort can be successful without thoughtful attention to ongoing, effective communication.

Please contact us directly for more information on our change management models and processes. And don’t forget our leading development program

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