Operational Excellence (OpX)

Organizations are in the midst of a quality revolution — again. The focus is clear, acheiving competitive advantage in quality, cycle time and cost.

Six Sigma, Lean, Quality Function Deployment, Performance Measurement & Scorecard Reporting and Experimental Designs are some of the methods that collectively define Operational Excellence. Using them to your best advantage that’s where Converge can help.

Much of this renewed interest has been sparked by news reports concerning the the Toyota Production System and it’s Lean Continuous Improvement model.  Toyota does more with less and does it faster. In any environment, that’s a winning combination. In today’s environment, it’s essential.

Operational know-how –reduce costs and cycle times while raising product and service quality. That’s OpX by Converge


Lean is the evolution of the Toyota Production system and its application to improving processes through the vigorous elimination of waste. More»

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a disciplined approach to improvement designed to achieve near perfection in product and service quality through variation, error and defect reduction. More»

Performance Measurement

Organizations are rediscovering the value in measuring their performance and the performance of their business and production processes. More»

Quality Function Deployment / DFSS

Either buy itself or linked with Design for Six Sigma, QFD is the best way to ensure the Voice of the Customer is embedded into product or service redesign. More»

Hoshin / Management by Policy

The best practice in business, operational and strategic planning that produces explicit alignment (clear line-of-sight) across organizational units and levels. More»


The most advanced technology available for optimizing production processes is also one of the most effective at generating productive change across the organization. More»


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